Youtube Super Coder - Siri Shortcuts

It’s a VERY major release! It’s indeed, SUPER! The new Youtube Coder! Optimised! Also compatible with old files from the original Youtube Coder! Just view the files! And you will be guided to convert it! This new update also allows you to download and save VIDEO! The video storage side of things is done!

What's New

  • 2.2

    Changed the home scrn icon

  • 2.1

    Updatekit sorted

  • 2.0

    Added video support!

  • 1.8

    One last fix

  • 1.7

    More bug fixes

  • 1.6

    bug fixes

  • 1.5

    All the run shortcut loops were set to the older version of Youtube Coder

  • 1.4

    Changed some things

  • 1.3

    Files for Youtube Coder and Youtube Super Coder are now different

  • 1.2

    Optimised launch time 🚀

  • 1.1

    Bug with the view converter!